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Heritage & Culture
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Anuradhapura, with its strong heritage remains to be a sacred destination in Sri Lanka. Dating us back to the 5th century, Anuradhapura is the oldest city in the Cultural Triangle and Sri Lanka s first capital. In its prime days, tens of thousands of people lived in a city of royal palaces, monasteries, temples topped by glittering jewels, houses of two or three storey s, shops, pleasure gardens, bathing pools and wooded parks.

Over 1000 years, Sinhalese kings and occasional South Indian interlopers - ruled from the palaces of Anuradhapura. It was the most extensive and important of the Sri Lankan royal capitals, but its size and the length of its history, and the length of time since its downfall make it more difficult to comprehend than younger. Current-day Anuradhapura is a rather pleasant, planned city. Mature trees shade the main guesthouse areas, and the main street is orderly compared to the ugly concrete agglomerations seen in so many other regional centers.

Package Inclusive

Travel Location Anuradhapura
The Place of Stay Ulagalla Uga Escapes
Days of Pack 8Days Days
Nights of Pack 7Nights Nights
Meal Plan Full Board
Pack Cost LKR 78,000.00
Pack Discount Not Applicable
Pack Value Till 1Month Days
Lodging Volume 2
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